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Janis LeClaire, Published June 10 2011

Berg will serve entire House term before moving to Senate

Across North Dakota, newspapers read that Rep. Rick Berg, R-N.D., is “giving up” his U.S. House seat, “abandoning” his responsibilities, “quitting” his job, or “wanting a promotion” after five months in office. These buzz words are untruthful because by the time the U.S. Senate position opens up, Berg will have fulfilled his commitment to our state in the U.S. House and will have honorably served his entire term.

I have been a lifelong Democrat, but our times have changed: health insurance with an overreaching mandate to force us to buy a policy, confusing regulations, waivers to special ones and increased health costs; the EPA circumventing Congress to shut down the way we in North Dakota get our oil out of the ground. Our country is out of money, we have massive stifling debt, the policy of government bailouts has not brought down unemployment, and people are hurting.

The “mysterious members” of the Federal Reserve have their “quantitative easing,” creating money out of nothing, like some wild-eyed, crazy nut job loose in the basement with a printing press. Do we really want our next generation to have to bear the financial brunt and pay for these regretful decisions?

We simply must get back to the policy that stimulates growth in the free market to get ourselves on track. Democrat or Republican, everyone wants to make enough money to live with dignity. This policy is our true North Dakota heritage.

It is my opinion that it would be a “really good fit” to have a person in the upcoming Senate position with good character, someone with compassion for others, respectful and genuinely interested in the opinions of all North Dakotans.

I want an experienced business owner, someone who knows how to create economic opportunities with positive solutions and who has a track record of good results. I want someone who is wise and successful regarding investments and, for crying out loud, someone who can actually negotiate a decent business deal in our best interest for once. Hello, China.

Berg is a hard worker and has excellent abilities in all of these practical areas, as well as being naturally gifted in business. We need the best-qualified person in this Senate position for North Dakota in Washington, D.C., and Berg is that person.