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Published May 08 2011

Triple threat in gym: Mullerdahlberg triplets thrive at gymnastics

FARGO – Coming from a family where their mom runs her own Montessori school has made the Mullerdahlberg triplets view things differently than most 13-year-olds.

All three boys share the same thought, but its Fabian that’s able to put it all together to sum up what it all means.

“Our mom’s school has taught us that instead of sitting there and learning from a chalkboard, we actually go out and do things,” Fabian said. “That way we can say we’ve done things and we can say that we’ve learned from those things.”

So far what the brothers have learned is that they are pretty good gymnasts. All three boys just finished their gymnastics season with Alejandro earning a championship on the pommel horse at the Region 4 USAG Men’s Gymnastics Championships back in April.

But ask Alejandro and his brother, Giovanni, who the best gymnast is and they’ll point to Fabian.

They claim Fabian’s the best because he does more events. Fabian just says it’s because he’s willing to take the risks his brothers are too afraid to take.

Fabian’s comments gets nods from his brothers representing the synchronicity the triplets share.

Getting involved in gymnastics started when Fabian learned about it and asked if he could try it out. A few days later, Giovanni and Alejandro were right behind him.

“I think it’s one of those things where as triplets we all kind of think the same thing,” Giovanni said. “If I say something or throw out and idea, they’ll say they were thinking the same thing.”

They have the traits of triplets. They can finish sentences for each other. Their tone, at times, sounds the same. They even claimed that there are people who cannot remember their names or they get called the wrong name.

But that’s where the similarities end.

All three of them have things that make them different starting with the way they look. Fabian has a pony tail while Giovanni has cornrows. Alejandro, on the other hand, just has a regular haircut.

“We have things about us that are different,” said Alejandro, who is the most quiet of the three.

He’s right. Fabian will try any competition on a mat that’s thrown at him. Alejandro and Giovanni, however, they know their strengths and they’re sticking to them.

They all want to be successful. They just have different ways of doing it.

They play different sports outside of gymnastics. Giovanni is a big fan of playing soccer while his brothers are more into baseball in part because their mother is from the island nation of Aruba, where baseball is the national sport.

They all want to do different things in life. Fabian doesn’t know quite yet what he wants to be when he grows up while Giovanni knows he wants to be a police detective someday. Alejandro said he has a few ideas of what he wants to be.

“We all know that we want to be college gymnasts someday,” Alejandro said.

Gymnastics is certainly the sport of choice with the three and they’re more than happy to talk about it.

They know being college gymnasts won’t be easy but this is where it all comes back to what they’ve learned from their mother’s Montessori school.

“We don’t have things like study hall, we learn that there are things you want and things you need,” Fabian said. “And because of it, we’re able to know the things we want to do.”

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