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Bob Lind, Published March 28 2011

Lind: NDSU alum offers case for $IOU nickname

Neighbors finds itself in the middle of the ongoing North Dakota State-University of North Dakota rivalry after carrying the suggestion of an NDSU graduate that “Green Sox” be the new UND athletic teams’ name if “Fighting Sioux” is dropped.

That led Paul DuBowy of Vicksburg, Miss., whose wife, Virginia, is a UND grad, to write that “I can’t believe you let someone from NDSU give their opinion about the Sioux name.”

Well, Paul, here’s another NDSU grad with ideas that could make your blood boil. He’s Christopher Sprung of St. Paul, who says he doesn’t like the Green Sox suggestion, but he does see promise in the name.

“UND’s signature green is also the color of money, which must be fed in large servings to the university’s admission office,” Chris writes.

“Since borrowing that money is the primary way to finance a higher education, I think it’s fitting that we use the letters ‘IOU’ in Sioux and the new team becomes the ‘Fighting Promissory Notes.’ ”

But on second thought, Chris says, leave the ‘S’ from Sioux, but change it to a dollar sign, so the logo becomes $IOU.

And so the friendly rivalry between NDSU and UND rolls on. Except on the football field.

A token response

Less controversial topics are Fargo’s old street cars and buses and the tokens used on them.

Maurice Pederson of Valley City, N.D., writes that a column about them reminded him he has a street car token from his dad’s collection.

“My father saved a few tokens from other cities that were dropped in the meter of the car he was operating. One token from the Fargo system read ‘Northern States Power Co.’

“I just thought I should let you know.”

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