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Brent McCarthy, Published February 10 2011

Keep close watch on Republicans

The most important fact to know about American politics is that all Democrats are liberals, but not all Republicans are conservatives.

Democrats and Republicans were indistinguishable by the 2006 midterms.

In Washington, newly elected Republicans will be considered uninvited guests of the ruling-class political elite and their biased liberal media. Republicans who support pieces of their Marxist agenda will be accepted into this exclusive club.

About the only differences between President George W. Bush and a Democrat was his honesty, integrity, tax cuts, reverence for our military and the “R” beside his name. He was never a conservative. He did things like expand entitlement programs and call for amnesty for illegal aliens. The mainstream media still campaigned against him. Democrats are still obsessed with him.

Americans have expectations of Republicans that don’t include compromise. We expect things like deep cuts to entitlement spending, permanent tax cuts, drilling and the full repeal of the unconstitutional Obamacare. We expect our borders to be secured and illegal aliens sent home.

If Republicans stand up for freedom, they will be despised by the ruling class. They will miss the cocktail parties. They will be demon-ized by the media. They will be loved by the people.

We sent Republicans back to Washington to represent the people, not the rulingclass minority. They are on probation. We can always vote third party next time.