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Jason Quaife, Published February 09 2011

Forum reporting relies on gossip

Full disclosure: I am a Moorhead hockey parent. I felt compelled to comment on the recent article questioning a player’s eligibility.

Forum, when you print letters from anonymous sources containing allegations but no proof, this is called gossip. When you tie those allegations to a minor who is by most accounts a great student, a better person and a stellar athlete, along with his name and picture, the nicest adjective I can come up with to describe this is “despicable.” Just because you can print something doesn’t mean you should.

Some could surmise from your recent article that you were unable to get your pound of flesh from the so-called hazing incident, so you’ll get it any way you can.

To the adults sending anonymous letters to the paper and hiding behind an attorney, if in fact you really exist: I hope you are proud of getting a teenager’s name and picture on the front page of the paper questioning his family’s integrity, while you remain hidden in the shadows.

Granted, there may have been some questions about this kid’s eligibility. A person with honor goes to the source and asks the question and then, if unsatisfied with the explanation, confronts the matter directly. Sending anonymous letters to the newspaper, IRS and county attorney under the guise of “trying to protect the program” after the school has already determined eligibility makes you look jealous, vindictive and spineless.