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Vern Kepler, Published February 06 2011

Rural residents will not forget

Amazing, the latest revision of the sales tax issue for selling the sales tax debacle, to the rural residents of Cass County. Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn is correct; this is what the county sold us: “Funds to be used for the county’s share of the alleged diversion.”

We were told that the tax was for the county’s portion of the diversion, that if it did not happen, the rural people that were stiffed by the county could have some of the proceeds, for needs in rural Cass.

Let me tell you what I think! Hell will have ice on it before rural Cass sees one penny of the funds extorted from rural Cass.

Now we find out that the County Commission, in collusion with the city of Fargo, agrees that they can use these dedicated funds that were to be used for the diversion costs that the county alleged was its part of this plan.

So, we the rural residents of Cass County not only got assessed for costs that have zero benefit for us, we now find that the county is capable of changing the game to suit its needs.

This is a classic example of exploitation by the Cass County Commission against rural Cass.

When they tried to sell this sales tax plan to rural residents of Cass County at Casselton, they ran into a firestorm. Well, the resentment is still there, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. We will not forget.