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Pat Grenyo, Published February 06 2011

Hard to believe Obama’s rhetoric

Here we go again. In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama is asking for “unity” and “the end of partisan politics.” Really, Mr. President?

Isn’t the president the same one who told Americans if he were elected he would be the type of leader who brings people together? Wasn’t he the same candidate who claimed he has reached across the aisle to conservatives to solve problems?

The truth of the matter is Obama will go down in history as arguably one of the most partisan leaders our country has seen. It was he who instructed the Hispanic-Americans to “fight” the enemy – insinuating the enemy is the Republicans who passed the Arizona immigration law? Under the leadership of Obama, our country has seen a greater divide and more partisanship than we’ve seen in decades.

A leader by definition is one who goes first and leads by example, so others are motivated to follow him. This definition is a far cry from the example presented by Obama.