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James McPherson , Published February 06 2011

‘Affordable’ health act beyond a lie

It is so obvious that this so-called “Affordable Health Care Act” is not so affordable. Think about it. Anyone who has health care through their employer, including Rep. Rick Berg, R-N.D., himself, is paying more now. My benefits have shrunk, my deductibles have doubled and my premiums have gone up since this affordable bill has passed.

When have you ever gotten more of something and paid less, or added more people to a group and paid less? You can’t even call this a lie because it is so obvious. When you add 50 million people onto the nation’s health care, it is going to cost more, not to mention that we will be funding this for 10 years for six years of coverage.

Then add in the mix of 26-year-old adults, excuse me, children. Give me a break! Hopefully by the time my children are 26, they have jobs and will have the help of their employer to pay their insurance premiums.

So, let’s say we do remove children of up to 26 years of age from paying premiums; that, too, adds to the rest of us having to pay more. They will get care, and so will anyone in this country, legal or not, at the expense of the hospitals. Gee, I wonder who pays for that. I know one thing: You are not going to stick it to a business. The paying customers will have to pay more. Welcome to the middle class. If you can’t afford it, we’ll pay for it.

Do we all understand how insurance works? The premiums pay the bills. When the government gets involved, things get way too complicated.

Now, the Republicans are saying this bill and most of the content needs to be replaced. People need to listen to the replaced part of this sentence. The whole bill is not being scrapped. The simplified replacement of this massive bill can easily be held in one hand. Our government needs to simplify a lot of areas, and this is one they should have simplified from the beginning.