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Karla Dahl, Published February 05 2011

Can’t shop much in 90 minutes

To whom it may concern: I feel sorry for the downtown businesses. How can anyone shop downtown when you only have 90 minutes to shop. Even if you move your car to shop at another location, you will be ticketed.

I was parked far away from any downtown businesses because I was attending the Plains Art Museum Christmas program that lasted an hour. It would have been rude of me to get up and leave in the middle of the concert if I wanted to avoid a parking ticket. It was difficult finding the parking space that I did since their parking lot was full.

I arrived a little early to reserve a table for our party of four, had lunch with them and visited a while after the concert.

I have no problem paying more taxes so our policemen can get a decent wage instead of having to depend on our parking ticket fees.

No wonder so many people avoid shopping downtown because they can’t park long enough to shop or enjoy any of the entertainment that is provided. It is a total shame that Fargo is trying so hard to build our downtown and provide entertainment so residents can enjoy themselves in the downtown area and yet get parking tickets because the 90 minutes lapsed and they couldn’t complete what they came downtown to do.

I suggest more parking lots. I would rather pay $2 to $3 to park and shop or be entertained than be concerned about getting back to my car to avoid a parking ticket of $15.

Thank you for your time and for whatever it is worth.