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Jeff Anderson, Published January 30 2011

Scheels Arena must do better

The Scheels Arena is a beautiful building, and the hometown Fargo Force are very talented and enjoyable to watch. However, the drunks who sat behind us, spilling their drinks on us, taunting folks in the crowd and swearing the entire evening ruined the experience for my friends, my children and many others who sat near us at last Saturday night’s game.

I am no prude; my tolerance for drunken behavior is likely well beyond the norm. In fact, I do not blame the drunken fools for their behavior – they were doing what drunken fools do. What upset me the most was the complete and total lack of intervention and crowd control by Scheels Arena staff. The ushers were not interested in helping (not surprising, considering they are volunteers), the security staff were nonexistent, and the vendors continued to sell more alcohol.

I believe that if you cannot adequately staff a facility and control the drunks you create, then you should not be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages. At the very least, do not advertise family-friendly entertainment only to allow drunken losers free rein in your facility.

The Scheels corporation is a class act, and Fargo is a first-rate city. The folks who run the Scheels Arena need to step it up, as both Scheels and the city of Fargo deserve to be represented in a classier fashion than what I witnessed.