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Bruce D. Brovold, Published January 28 2011

Police advice ­timely, sensible

I would like to comment on the letter to the editor published Jan. 20 titled “Asinine letter from the police,” by Greg Arens, Fargo.

Arens was upset about receiving a letter from the Fargo police on a rash of stolen vehicles from his apartment parking lot. He is upset that the police told him in their letter that it is best to keep your car doors locked while running your car to warm it up and that there is a $20 fine for doing so with the car unlocked and the keys left inside.

My advice to Arens is to take some responsibility for his actions and buy another set of keys for his car. Therefore he can lock the doors while it is warming up.

Arens also is upset by the statement in the letter stating that, to be safe, sit in your vehicle while it is warming up. He suggests the police sit in their own cold vehicles while they warm up to see how cold it is. Well, I have seen many police officers out in life-threatening weather conditions rescuing and helping people in accidents who went around snow gates. I am sure they have had their share of being out in bitterly cold and windy weather conditions.

So please take heed. There are many citizens who do not drive and have to walk in these bitterly cold conditions. Maybe if he continues to keep his car unlocked while it is warming up, he will join the people who have no other choice but to walk. If he thinks it would be cold sitting in your car for 10 minuets warming it up, just wait until he has to walk a mile or two in their shoes. The choice is up to him, not the police.