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Jay Taylor, Published January 23 2011

Another bad bill in ND Legislature

What if I were to suddenly come forward with irrefutable evidence of a virus, like they did with bird flu, and show that my virus would kill a half-million people every year?

Broken down, it would kill 900 North Dakotans this year and every year. The ones it didn’t kill would remain sick for a long time.

Let’s say that worldwide, this virus would kill 1 billion people this century.

I’m pretty sure that armed with this evidence, our government would amass money, troops and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to go out and battle this virus. Any individual legislators who fought against this battle would be ridiculed out of office.

Folks, this virus is real: It’s called tobacco, a legal product manufactured by corporate giants that have been found guilty twice of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly referred to as the RICO Act or RICO). They happily pay fines because they know they have developed a product that is so addictive, most people can’t quit without help. They have lots of money.

There is hope and help for victims of this disease, but currently some North Dakota legislators are working feverously to pull funding (HB 1353) so that this disease can run amok, unchecked and untreated like it has since the original tobacco companies imported slave labor to harvest tobacco crops.

I urge you to contact your legislators today and beg them to pay attention to the tobacco virus and fight it in any way they can.