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Dudley C. Wells, Published January 23 2011

No need for right to pull a trigger

I sympathize with Charles Krauthammer’s recent wail of righteous indignation for right-wingers being blamed for the Arizona shootings (column, Jan. 13).

Right-wing groups and commentators such as Glenn Beck and Krauthammer are loaded with vicious negativity toward their political opponents, but they aren’t murderous. What they do best is character assassination and robbing of hope.

Witness the treatment of Barack Obama by the tea party and others: carrying posters with Hitler mustaches scrawled on Obama’s face, smearing his birthright, calling him a socialist, communist, Kenyan spy, and even the antichrist.

Dozens of crackpots threaten Obama and his family weekly. Krauthammer and his cohorts know they don’t have to lay a finger on Obama. If they ridicule everything Obama tries to do and continue to mock him and to destroy his reputation, they can cripple his leadership and block the Democratic agenda.

Obama represents the hope of real progress for millions of Americans. But from the hateful words and loud, ugly tones of right-wingers, I suspect that many of them would be delighted to drag this country back to the days when blacks were penniless sharecroppers with only the right to remain silent.

Krauthammer knows that if you have a razor-sharp pen and no ethics, you can devastate your political opponents without ever pulling a trigger.