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Herman Winkels, Published January 18 2011

More stupid bills in ND Legislature

The bill being proposed to ban smoking in an auto with small children present is stupid and unnecessary. It will do little to cut down on secondhand smoke exposure for the children because the parents and other adults will continue to smoke in their homes. So it would put a burden on law enforcement personnel to try to catch the offenders. They can better spend their time on other parts of law enforcement.

Secondly, the bill to ban alcohol at tailgating parties during football games and such is also an unnecessary waste of time and effort. The colleges are doing a good job of keeping tailgating in check. It is ridiculous to pass this legislation. It is a complete waste of time.

It seems that the “progressive, ultra-left” do-gooders are working at their goal of government gaining control of the individual voter. They think the citizenry is so stupid and ignorant that the government must take control and tell them what is good for them. I say tell them where the bear went in the woods!