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Tom R. Kovach, Published January 16 2011

Bomb-throwers on left shameless

It didn’t take long for the left in this country to make political hay out of a tragic event. Before any of the details were even in, far-left bomb-throwers like Joe Klein of Time magazine, Paul Krugman of The New York Times, and many others of their ilk, accused talk radio and conservatives of being responsible for the shooting spree in Arizona.

One mentally disturbed individual, with no political ties, goes on a rampage and saddens our whole nation. This, like 9/11, is one of those terrible, unseeable horrors that usually brings a nation together. But the left in this country, without any sense of shame, makes it a political issue.

Do these people on the left have such a short memory that they do not remember how former President George W. Bush was vilified and called a murderer? When Hollywood joked about “getting rid of Bush ... one way or the other”? When Al Franken (now an ACORN-elected senator) used constant profanity when he talked about Bush? When Bush was compared to Hitler in newspaper cartoons? When political cartoonist Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star Tribune showed “cartoons” of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney washing their hands in the blood of U.S. soldiers? When black radical Spike Lee called for the shooting of conservative movie star Charlton Heston? This wasn’t toxic rhetoric?

It is the lowest of political tactics to accuse people who disagree with you politically of being responsible for the shooting of a congresswoman and others by a nonpolitical madman.