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Ruth Stefonowicz, Published January 16 2011

Critic of Conrad short on the facts

In John Manesis’ letter (Jan. 11) attacking Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., one might wrongly concede that he has a factual basis for his tirade.

But a closer look shows Manesis doesn’t do his homework and falls into the trap of discourse most angry conservatives find themselves in.

First of all, Conrad has been consistent in his efforts to restrain the federal debt. He didn’t vote for unwise tax cuts or going to war financed by deficit spending.

And when the country was headed straight for a depression caused by financial institutions playing fast and loose in the mortgage bond market, Conrad didn’t turn away from the crisis or the solutions proposed by the Bush administration. He acted responsibly, voting for a federal response that nearly all economists credit for preventing the recession from becoming a major depression.

Now Conrad has turned his attention to the long-term fiscal crisis our nation faces. He proposed and served on a fiscal commission focused on solutions. Conrad voted for the commission’s report filled with very tough, honest and sobering choices. Manesis is apparently oblivious to any of this.

In the end, it will take a Congress full of people like Conrad to solve our country’s financial problems.

I would ask Manesis to listen to both political parties to find out the real truth as to Conrad’s knowledge and action regarding what is best for the country and the deficit.

President Barack Obama asked us all to listen and work together. I hope we can all do what is best for our nation.