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Marjorie Larson, Published January 15 2011

Role of parents should be crucial

I am amazed that the media have completely absolved Jared Loughner’s parents of any blame in the Arizona tragedy. Talk about “enablers”! Those of us who have had family members with mental problems have felt the responsibility to protect society from those family members.

Society cannot know about these people, but family members do. We know they are tormented by their thoughts, and we have helped them get treatment. A responsible family needs to keep track of these tragic people.

Here, the parents have enabled this sick man to act out his bizarre thoughts, apparently without asking what he bought with his money – guns and ammunition. They even helped him buy a safe. He lived with his parents. They should have gone into his room and checked on what kinds of “stuff” he had in his room.

The shooter in Ronald Reagan’s case had responsible parents who supported their son. He was hospitalized and kept track of, which helped protect society.