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Holly Haugen, Published January 09 2011

Letter writer should get his facts straight

Brent McCarthy’s letter, “Democrats trampled rights with health care measure” (Jan. 5) is a laundry list of confusion and partisan rhetoric. Let’s take a look:

He takes issue with the health care law by bringing up the frequently discredited concept of “death panels.” This is so ridiculous that it does not deserve a response.

He calls the DREAM Act “amnesty for illegal aliens,” which is as absurd as it is false. The DREAM act gives young immigrants who were brought here illegally by their parents the opportunity to begin a path toward legal residency if they complete two years of military service or college.

Finally, McCarthy spouts tired adages about our national debt. Yet, in the same paper is an article about how Sen. Kent Conrad is being honored with a national award for leadership in promoting fiscal responsibility and government accountability.

McCarthy needs to get his facts straight.