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Richard Peterson, Published January 09 2011

Reagan believed in climate change

No one denies that the climate changes over time. At one time, the Sahara was lushly forested. The questions are whether it is now changing faster or to a greater degree, and whether human activity is a significant influence.

The Senate just ratified the START II treaty. The reason START negotiations were initiated by President Ronald Reagan in 1982 was the realization that an all-out nuclear exchange would plunge the Northern Hemisphere into a “nuclear winter.” In other words, there was no way to win a nuclear war.

So don’t tell me humans have no effect on the climate. Even St. Ronnie believed so.

Every year, it is reported that the Greenland ice melted faster than experts had predicted. Rising oceans threaten the existence of some Pacific nations.

Dick Cheney opined that it was imperative to invade Iraq if there was one chance in a hundred that Saddam posed a weapons-of-mass- destruction threat to the U.S.

Are you certain that there is not at least a one-in-a-hundred chance that human activity is causing or intensifying climate change that poses at least that serious a threat to our country?