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Brenda Neubauer, Published January 06 2011

Recall effort toxic partisanship

Unlike Calvin Schaible in his letter “Recall Plan B needed” (Jan. 2), I was relieved when the North Dakota Supreme Court ruled that our Sen. Kent Conrad cannot be recalled. This recall effort is ridiculous, and I applaud the court for upholding the earlier ruling.

The Supreme Court has spoken. Now it is time for this rag-tag group to end this embarrassing quest. Judging from Schaible’s letter, that seems unlikely. I hope their efforts continue in futility, because Sen. Conrad has done so much for me and my family.

The health care law that Conrad fought for will save my family a lot of heartache and hardship. My son has hemophilia, a bleeding disorder that is very painful and requires lifelong treatment that is extremely expensive.

His clotting medication alone costs $50,000 per month. By 12, he reached his first lifetime cap on treatment expenses imposed by our health insurance provider.

The health care law eliminated the practice of imposing lifetime caps on health insurance benefits, and now we can afford to get my son the medication he needs.

Thank you, Sen. Conrad.

Schaible and the five or so people he represents do not speak for all North Dakotans. For all their talk of “the will of the people” and “upholding the Consti-tution,” they are trying to subvert both. This is the kind of partisanship that is poisoning our political dialogue, and I am glad to see that North Dakota is not standing for it.