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Adele Brennan, Published January 05 2011

Clinic protected, murder continues

Seventeen years ago, I walked back and forth with an elderly (now deceased) gentleman holding a baby in front of the abortion mill for several hours. The whole time, two police cars were parked across the street guarding the house of murder.

On Dec. 28, the Feast of the Holy Innocents, the door of the new abortion building was pulled open slightly to see if this killing center was open. The two of us then said the rosary, but in a short time, two police cars and three policemen arrived. The five of us were amicable, but the officers said that if my husband touched the door again or stepped on the green carpet by the door, he would be arrested. I could give other examples involving other people (as the local abortion center must be carefully protected).

Meanwhile, mass murder of the most helpless and innocent continues inside week after week.