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Published January 02 2011

Nelson: A mixed year, at best

So passes 2010, a checkered year at best.

Early in the year, the Obama administration made it clear that it had the right to kill American citizens just on its say-so. Trials, evidence, oversight, those things are for sissy rule-of-law crackpots. Tyrants everywhere nodded in approval. The American people, conservative and liberal alike, stood up and applauded as the republic continued to perish.

Sweden had its first terrorist bombing in 30 years. The bombers said, as they’ve said in all their attacks on the West, that it was retaliation for warring (Swedish, in this case) in Muslim countries. Go figure, eh?

Witlessness continues to afflict North Dakota bureaucracies and the chattering class, especially on the now-verboten University of North Dakota “Fighting Sioux” nickname. They have forced the change because of the nickname’s offensiveness to North Dakota’s Sioux, yet the Spirit Lake tribe voted in favor of UND keeping the logo and is still fighting in court to force UND to keep the name. The leaders of the Standing Rock tribe won’t allow the issue to come to a vote, most likely because they know the outcome would echo Spirit Lake’s vote.

So we have gutless, white- bread folks forcing a change the North Dakota Sioux don’t want in order to protect those same Sioux. Does this make any sense to you? Paging Michael Moore’s “Stupid White Men.”

Cass County State’s Attorney Birch Burdick let temporarily unlicensed (a possible felony in North Dakota ) abortion doctor Lori Thorndike off the hook. He explained that she posed no risk to patients and really did nothing wrong except renew her license tardily. Now, try this with the highway patrol officer who finds out you forgot to renew your driver’s license. Maybe Burdick will come to your rescue if you tell the officer that you’re an abortionist.

Of course, this is the same state’s attorney who sang “Kumbaya” with the defense attorney of a North Dakota State University student a few years back who let her newborn die in a gym bag under her bed while she went to class. If that baby left on a doorstep in West Fargo in December had died, negligent homicide could have been charged. But, likely not in Burdick’s office, where justice dances to his biases.

The Reaper’s scythe took a schoolmate in 2010, memorable to me particularly because during his horrific hangover (in junior high school), he threatened to beat me senseless after school. Funnyman Leslie Nielsen died, whose comedy was right up my alley. Look for the visual as well as the oral puns in his TV series “Police Squad!”

Two great writers of the Old Right, James Kirkpatrick and Joseph Sobran, passed on. Amongst much else, Sobran taught me to despise war and to recall the pre-imperial America now long gone.

And to the fellow who pulled my truck out of the snowbank last week: I hope yours was a most Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

Nelson is a Fargo postal worker and regular contributor to The Forum’s commentary page.