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Duane Keller , Published December 24 2010

Deeper we look, uglier is the story

Last week on a local talk show, the subject of prostitution was being justified not only by the host but also by several callers with the phrase “we are talking about two consenting adults.” I would like to bring out another side of this issue.

All we need to do is skim off the fine veneer of this archaic theory and we find a far different story. We find that many if not most of the women involved in prostitution are women who were and are being physically, mentally and emotionally abused. The deeper we look, the uglier the story gets.

We find women who are “owned” by a pimp and are desperately trying to escape. They stay in it out of fear of themselves and their families being beaten or killed.

We tend to think of ourselves as being enlightened and progressive; yet caller after caller kept eluding to the sexist idea that because we have money, we are entitled to use someone else’s body for our personal gratification.

Maybe it’s time to take off our blinders and see these women as human beings, as someone else’s daughter, whose life has far greater meaning and purpose than that of a playland of our most base and darkest side.

Only at the point that we mature to the point that all humankind deserves to live with dignity and respect can this scourge on society be stopped. Only at the point that we put away our boys-will-be-boys mentality and quit feeding into the sex-slave industry will progress be made in freeing these emotionally and many time physically enslaved human beings.