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Alyssa Anderson, Published December 22 2010

Swimming with sharks dangerous

As a moderate Democrat, I want this country to succeed in the worst of ways. I do not hate Republicans; I disagree with them on certain issues.

Two of my favorite presidents in history were Republicans – Teddy Roosevelt and Abe Lincoln. It makes me wonder what they would think of the radical right that represents their party today.

Speaking of presidents and the radical right, Sarah Palin thinks that she can beat President Barack Obama? Did she consider that “her presidential cabinet” is not going to be filled with tea party members or extreme-right Republicans? She would be working with Democrats and moderate Republicans. She, as a leader of this United States of America, would represent all of us.

And for you die-hard Republicans out there, I would choose wisely where you step in the grounds of our government’s future. President George W. Bush left your party hanging by a thread, and in certain areas, you guys are on life support. If you choose to elect Palin as president, it may be a “three strikes and you’re out” scenario.

My advice: Don’t go swimming with sharks when you know you’ll get eaten.