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Sam Osborne, Published December 19 2010

A courageous senator from ND

Last week there was displayed in the Senate of the United States a handful of profiles in courage, and with this small band there stood one North Dakota senator: Byron L. Dorgan.

Dorgan’s voting “nay” was in marked contrast to the 81 others who fell in line and acquiesced to the White House-Republican tax compromise. And with a few costly sweeteners stirred into the deal, gone was any of their great concern for the economy going down the tube into debt upon debt that was said to be a bankrupting tax on the nation’s future.

We can trust that this large group of public servants can get everyone to pretend that the wealthy (sitting atop huge piles of money that they are not investing in America) will do so with some of the additional loot that is going to be stuffed into their pockets. What’s another $858 billion more debt to the powers that be who consider it all free if it just costs you and me and our posterity?

Meanwhile, some supposed new disasters will certainly be found to distract attention from the fact that the hoarders of the nation’s wealth will double down their rake-and-take from cheap imported goods produced by enslaved labor in low-standard-of-living countries.

But a little bit of these fat-cat tax breaks will be spent right here at home on ownership of the best politicians their money can buy, and in the offing, there will be no need to export jobs; a low standard of living is soon coming to a place near you.