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Lois Undseth, Published December 19 2010

‘Exotic dancing’ ads still in Forum

Reading the Dec. 15 headline article about Moorhead’s fire chief and his practice of hiring exotic dancers and then paying them for sexual acts reminded me of a Forum article from Sept. 24.

In that article, The Forum general manager, James Boberg, stated that the classified ads in The Forum listed under the adult entertainment section are supposed to be for legal exotic dancing services. He said, “If other services are offered or requested from those placing the ads, The Forum has no control over it.” Boberg also stated he has “never received a request from police or the public to remove the adult entertainment classified section.”

It seems the world we live in is so much about “live and let live.” Unfortunately, when it comes to prostitution, we really are more in a “live and let die” situation. Prostitution really has no redeeming value to a community any which way you look at it. It is destructive on so many levels. (Space limits me to expound on the destroyed marriages and families, sexual addictions, public humiliation, sexually transmitted diseases, drug and alcohol abuse, increased crime, and on and on.)

I would say that the cat is out of the bag when it comes to what “exotic dancing” is really all about. I wasn’t fooled in September, but it’s not comforting to be proved right, either.

Shame on us, I guess, that we’ve never asked The Forum to remove ads for adult entertainment from the classified section – or anywhere else in the paper, for that matter. I do so now, and will cancel our subscription if it is not done.