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Larry Heilmann, Published December 18 2010

Dog is an animal without rights

In response to the letter published in the Dec. 12 edition of the Forum:

So, you are concerned that there are no exercise facilities for your dog within a short distance of your home in southwest Fargo. My, oh my! You live in one of the most financially secure and up-scale areas of metro Fargo, and you apparently have the time to worry about your dog’s exercise schedule.

Most people don’t have such time. They are working and worrying about putting food on the table and paying the mortgage. There are people, families, in this town who have no home, let alone close access to exercise facilities for their pets. The homeless shelters are bulging, and food banks can’t keep enough on the shelves, but you want public money spent on a park for your dog to crap in.

You say that “our pets are just like us” and should have the same access to gyms and exercise areas as you and your neighbors. Sorry to disappoint you, but your dog is not “just like us.” It is a dog, an animal, and has no rights. Any child has more rights than all the dogs in this city. When that child is sleeping in a homeless shelter on an empty stomach and you want more taxpayer funded exercise areas for your dog, the society of greed and arrogance you live in has reached a new low. That is so morally repugnant that it defies words.

I don’t care if you have a dog or other pet. That is your decision, but it is also your responsibility to see to that animal’s welfare. Don’t expect me and other taxpayers to pay for your animal’s exercise routine when it probably already eats better than many people. Too much has already been spent by the Fargo Park Board on parks for dogs. Expansion of this dog park system should cease. Dogs, or any other pet, are not “just like us.”