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Jim Fisher, Published December 18 2010

Taxation must be fair to all

In my past opinions about President Barack Obama, I have not been very kind. I saw him as just another community organizer entering politics with excellent political marketing skills and not much else. Now I see that he is in a tough bind with little assistance from Congress and a gigantic unemployment and debt problem.

How does he react with little support from his own liberal fellows and a fortified Republican win in the House? He angers both sides and comes up with not much of a solution. His finest hour is upon him. So where does he go from here?

He and the Republicans supported Wall Street with generous financial bailouts, and the little worker and small-business person got the tax bill. So, where are these pillars of business solutions with ideas to correct the problem? Are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, along with their charitable billionaire group, coming out with a solution? Only the ideas that benefit them? Quite a silent group lately ’cause paying a fairer share of taxes is repugnant? Better to donate it to foreign countries and use the American taxpayer to rack up another trillion dollars of debt?

When is America going to stop being conned by a separate class of super-wealthy citizens who really should step forward and correct the debt crisis Obama is dealing with. Sure, we can kick his ideas and ignore the poor and the wealthy can prosper on the back of the worker that has a job, or we can take a stand.

No more debt. We, as Americans, need constructive job programs that work, not just unemployment and health care benefit handouts.

It is time to stop the bleeding of American jobs and get creative. Ask the Ford Motor Co. CEO what he did and then emulate it or watch Obama and the Congress stumble.

America’s business will only fail if it has to pay more than its fair share to get jobs and employment back on track again.

Good luck, President Obama and Congress. I say fair taxation for all Americans, not any one group. Doesn’t the Constitution say the same? Time to practice it.

Fisher is a CPA with a Fargo financial services company.