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Calvin L. Schaible, Published December 12 2010

Oppose unholy alliance in Washington

‘We the People” are confronting a twin-headed leviathan that must be defeated. We must defeat it, or it most assuredly will defeat us. One head of this destructive monster consists of the out-of-control federal government. Political power feeds its never-ending hunger. The other head of this evil creature consists of “crony capitalism.” Greed feeds its ever-growing appetite. The leviathan exists to destroy the natural rights given to us by our creator and to steal the economic opportunities that are the hallmarks of “liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

We have stood by in frustration while it forces upon us a rationed health care entitlement that we have rejected as a power grab. In a rage, we have shouted “no” to the AIG bonuses and the corrupt bailouts of greedy companies willing to do the federal government’s bidding.

The propagandists call us racists, fear-mongers and haters. We fail to understand why these individuals side with the leviathan.

“We the People” will fight back. We will oppose this unholy alliance that is occurring between big government and big business. The administration has added $3 trillion to the national debt in two years. We now learn that the Federal Reserve created trillions of dollars out of thin air to loan to banks and companies during the crisis of 2008 and 2009.

We want politicians and pundits to stop defending earmarks. Earmarks corrupt the appropriations process. Ban them. The executive branch has corrupted the federal grant process. Instill more legislative oversight and public transparency over that process. Don’t defend corruption because you prefer that the legislators do the corrupting.

Get rid of the revolving door that exists between government administrators and private sector “fat cats.” This is a conflict of interest that caters to the power and greed needs of the leviathan. Any expertise that is gained is lost because of the corruption that naturally follows.

The ultimate defeat of the leviathan will not come through legislation. It will come through prayer and a vigilant citizenry demanding honesty and justice. We will defy the leviathan’s top-down mentality. Our allegiance is to the creator, not to the arrogant politician or the greedy “fat cat” with special interests. We will demand that our leaders work for the “good” as we understand it, not how it is presented to us through the lens of conflict of interest. Our leaders need to understand that they need to listen and learn, not condescend and dictate.

“We the People” must starve the beast. If we fail, it will surely starve us.

Schaible is a contributor to The Forum’s opinion/commentary pages.