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Roger Campbell, Published December 12 2010

How did we get so deep in debt?

How did we get where we are? Why are we so deep in debt? One only needs to go back 10 years or so to find out. Two things happened:

These two items alone would have bankrupted the U.S. But that wasn’t good enough for the Republicans. Throw in all the deregulation done during the Bush years, the heads-we-win-tails-you- lose greed, fraud and gambling banks and Wall Street did with our money.

Is it not obvious that the fix should be to let the Bush administration’s temporary tax cuts expire? Is it not obvious that illegal invasion and wars need to be stopped? One trillion dollars and counting: for what, really?

Wars don’t stop terrorists, they breed them. Terrorism is a crime – vandalism gone big time. Treat it as such. War is not the answer. We don’t gun down or blow up innocents in crime areas in this country to stop vandalism. So why does anyone think we can invade other countries and do that and it will work?

We have three major causes for the trillion-dollar debt: tax cuts, wars and deregulation. We need to let the tax cuts expire, stop the wars and re-regulate Wall Street and the rest of the financial institutions. In other words, undo everything Bush did.

Social Security has nothing to do with the debt. Nothing. Social Security needs fine-tuning. Why is there a problem in the first place? Because of all the job losses caused by shipping living-wage jobs overseas. Our economy will never recover without those living-wage jobs, along with the discretionary spending and the local, state and federal taxes that they generated.

We cannot have a recovery without a strong middle class – a middle class with low unemployment and living-wage jobs. That means manufacturing jobs.

Our government is charged by Article 8 of our Constitution to “... provide for the common defense and general welfare ...” Medicaid and Medicare both come under Article 8, as does Social Security – the government providing for the “general welfare.” These programs are not part of any impediment to recovery. In fact, they are needed to help the recovery; they get money into general circulation.

The Republicans, the party of no, are on record saying they will do anything necessary to bring down President Barack Obama. Does it not stand to reason anything the Republicans want to do would then be suspect because of their public admission and treasonous goal of bringing down the government from the inside?

Campbell, Kansas City, is a former Fargo resident.