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Dan Fuka, Published December 05 2010

Letter writer’s claims bizarre

I had to read over Richard Kodadek’s bile-filled letter to the editor (Nov. 29) several times. Is this guy for real, I asked myself? Is this a bad joke? Or could someone be so foul of a human being as to have such a negative and hateful attitude?

I am responding to Kodadek’s letter to The Forum, in which he claims to have been “accosted” by bell-ringers for charity as he entered a local Hornbacher’s store. He explains that he is irritated and offended by such bell-ringers, as he does not want his “hard-earned money” going to those who “do not work as hard as I do.”

Kodadek calls this charitable work, often done by such organizations as the Salvation Army, a “problem” and wonders if such activity can be banned, as in his opinion, such activities can be found to be illegal by violating the local noise ordinance or considered harassment.

Here is what I have to say to Kodadek in regard to his ridiculous claims as well as his bizarre, hateful attitude:

You obviously have little compassion for others, no concept of the good deeds that said bell-ringers do, and absolutely no knowledge of the law. You are, in my opinion, a sad, misguided man.

I hope Santa reads your letter and puts you on the appropriate list, and it won’t be the one labeled “nice,” I can guarantee you that.