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David Johnson, Published December 05 2010

There’s no sign of liberal media

With the rise of the right wing once again, like GW being re-elected, I have become (once again) increasingly (if I wasn’t before) sensitive (if not hypersensitive) to what I hear on radio and see on television. Take a recent noon, for example. I was watching “Valley News Live” on KXJB. Again, the political right has stepped in to lower the safety net on those who have fallen from self-sufficiency – namely the unemployed. For the unemployed, their benefits expired.

But that’s not really what got my dander up. It was the person CBS (not KXJB, I assume) picked to interview. This guy wasn’t your local white father with a family of six to feed who, through no fault of his own, was looking at being thrown out in the street. People, particularly here in North Dakota, might find in their hearts some sympathy for him and his children and write their congressmen to ask for a continence of assistance for these unfortunate folks.

Ah, but no – the fellow they interviewed was black and looked like he had just climbed out from under a bridge, struggled with words (“dis” and “dat”), and might have been randomly stopped on the street on his way to the nearest liquor store if he wasn’t returning from one already. It was a short clip. I did not have the time to see if there just happened to be a liquor store in the background.

I, of course, have no idea if there may have been some sort of subliminal message in that clip, but I am surely not going to count it out. I do not see, nor have I since Edward R. Murrow signed off, any sign of a liberal media.