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Lindsey Kringlie , Published December 01 2010

Critic of charity should shut up

Dear Richard Kodadek of Moorhead (letter, Nov. 29):

Shut up. The fact that you have the nerve to rant about how giving to the Salvation Army is a terrible thing is unbelievable. I encourage everyone to check out Monday’s Opinion page of The Forum to read his awesome opinion. I could go on and on about what a miserable wreck you are to say such a thing and to go as far as asking store managers to take away the doorside ringers, but I won’t.

So again, please shut your mouth and realize that these people don’t have the most fun job in the world, but what they’re doing is a good thing. Who knows, maybe someday you may become less fortunate than you are now and may need assistance from people who “work harder than you.”