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Jim Chattin, Published November 13 2010

More of the same from party of ‘no’?

So, the Democrats – count me among them – were trounced.

It seems to me that the election results were more a reflection of how awfully screwed up the economy already was before Barack Obama was elected, how desperate the electorate is for jobs and how effective

the Republican effort was to stall or torpedo any Obama initiative to correct the situation.

It’s all water under the bridge now, so maybe we can get some effective and fair legislation passed? Nope. It’s more like we’ll still be staring into a pool of economic stagnation for some time to come. Perhaps the Republicans will also have to “man up” along with the Democrats to see if anything can now get done to help this country’s workers (Democratic phrase) – or this country’s businesses (Republican phrase).

The American electorate is not at all patient, as witnessed by this election. After all, the majority of voters seem eager to hand the reins of political power back to the very people who created the huge mess to begin with.

It took the Republicans eight long years to ruin the American economy, but because Obama and the Democrats couldn’t turn it around after two years, what the heck, give it back to the Republicans. The jobless remain desperate and now, with a majority in the House, the Republicans cannot continue to sit back and say “no.”