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Chuck Chadwick, Published November 13 2010

Election focused on jobs

After months of anticipation, the 2010 election validated the deep-rooted dissatisfaction with the irresponsibility of our government’s fiscal policies. Economic uncertainty has changed our world on many different levels. The main message that I heard is that more focus on economic issues is essential: growth, job creation and controlled spending.

We are concerned about the economy and, in particular, about jobs and incomes, and we voted with our pocketbooks. It was clearly an election repudiating the current fiscal and monetary policies.

It is now time to shift paradigms and move government out of the way of the private sector in the form of low taxes, less red tape, fewer regulations, and create economic stability. Because the economy has been shifting, it will take different policies to revive it and a different approach to drive the necessary economic growth.

In short, the time is now to focus on policies for faster economic growth and job creation. Pro-growth tax and regulatory policies that encourage business confidence and job creation will help keep our fragile recovery alive.

Business confidence is crucial because it is the willingness of businesses to hire, invest and expand the economy. Job creation requires a healthy and vibrant local economy, which depends on the well-being of our community’s existing firms. Thus, this renewed focus on business retention and expansion is critical for successful economic development and job creation.

If, indeed, jobs are the goal, then let’s support those who create them: local businesses. However, there are no quick-fix remedies, and thereby a true partnership of public and private interests is required. Together, we can develop solutions to help advance our business community with long-term improvements to benefit everyone, especially future generations.

The process requires a sustained, smart and patient effort that unites people across party lines and diverse interests. Let’s begin today.

Chadwick is business liaison, Greater Moorhead Development Corp.