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Andrew Sprague, Published November 06 2010

Pumpkins were just a little fun

Regarding the letter “Pumpkins photo unwelcome”:

I thought that the pumpkin photo was a creative joke. After all, it was Halloween, that one time of year when everyone gets to dress up and become disguised as whatever they want to be. Halloween is a time for good humor, fun times and enjoyment. I don’t see any problems with the picture, (other than the fact that they left the other two of my pumpkins out of it). Yes, they are my pumpkins.

Would you rather have college-aged young adults out wandering the streets drunk, belligerent and obnoxious, or having some good, clean fun carving pumpkins? I think it is safe to say that because someone decided to have some clean fun, rather than alcohol induced, is the much preferred outcome.

Obviously, a picture in the paper is not the worst thing in the world that could happen. All in all, I stick with my pumpkins and maintain the belief that good, harmless fun is nothing to be upset over. There’s no harm, no foul. Imagine all of the worse things that a young college student could be doing with their time.

Take a step back, praise your child’s accomplishments and enjoy the short time that you have on this Earth. Life is fragile and could be taken in any instance. You never know, it may be by a drunken college student, who decided to engage in a little more risqué or indecent activities, who decides to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and loses control, harming or killing innocent bystanders.

This may be where you should turn your focus and efforts, instead of a little innocent, harmless fun.