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Marty Riske, Published October 28 2010

Vote Libertarian for US Senate

This year, more than ever, voters are feeling that the two major parties are not providing leadership that will lead to strong families through financial security and jobs.

Voters want to make sure that, this time, their votes will not be wasted. Therefore, if these voters can avoid voting for a Democrat or a Republican, they will.

We have a choice this year. Keith Hanson of West Fargo is on the ballot as Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate. Gov. John Hoeven is very likely to win the Senate seat. A strong Libertarian vote would send a clear message that people are ready to wean the government down to a manageable size.

Voters know in their hearts that financial cheating has been going on with people of power. We want to know if our gold is in Fort Knox. And we want important agencies like the Federal Reserve Bank to be audited, just like we have to be audited.

As a Libertarian, Hanson aligns himself with the Austrian school of economics, the only economic philosophy that explained and successfully predicted the previous bubbles, and talks about the way to avoid those unhappy outcomes.

A vote for Hanson is a vote for choices. It is a vote for liberty.