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Rep. Al Carlson and Sen. Bob Stenehjem , Published October 20 2010

Voters should put quick end to Democrats’ irresponsibility

Voters across the country may have supported Democrats in 2008, but like many other Americans, we suspect they’re ready to kick the bums out.

Instead of governing the economy responsibly, congressional Democrats have taken to borrowing and spending money we don’t have. This generational theft will have to be paid for by today’s young people and even their yet-to-be-born children, effectively mortgaging their futures.

As the national recession drags on, two years and $4.4 trillion in new spending later, Americans are asking: Are we better off today than we were two years ago?

For most Americans, the answer is a resounding no. Federal spending has brought the level of per-person federal debt to more than $30,000. By 2020, that number will increase to nearly $50,000.

In most other states, those looking for work are discovering a very difficult job market. Unemployment nationwide is nearly 10 percent, and at over 20 percent for youth. With pages upon pages of new regulations, the Obama administration is punishing businesses with new costs and freezing hiring as a result.

But the situation in North Dakota is quite different. Thanks to responsible policies by Republican leaders, North Dakota has a $700 million budget surplus, while other states face record deficits. We have the nation’s strongest economic growth and the lowest unemployment rate at 3.7 percent. Democrats say this is solely due to the Bakken, but North Dakota is not the only state with energy development.

Democrats’ irresponsible governance is more than just a budget nightmare. The mothers and fathers unable to find work because of job-killing economic policies still have bills to pay and children to send to college. Current policies by the federal government are destroying economic opportunities for generations present and future. Their effects will eventually reach North Dakota unless things change.

Now is your chance to do something about it: Stand up for fiscal sanity and vote Republican this election. It does make a difference who you vote for. Don’t let out-of-touch politicians sell out our children’s future.

Carlson, R-Fargo, is North Dakota House majority leader; Stenehjem, R-Bismarck, is North Dakota Senate majority leader.