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Russ Handegard, Published October 19 2010

Liberals still the same, by any other name

When did “liberals” morph into “progressives”? Let’s be honest and admit that a progressive is nothing more than a liberal in a wig wearing lipstick. They are still pick-pockets. They still are enablers of sloth. They still have a relativistic view of ethics and morality. I could go on, but you get the idea. Their beliefs do not coincide with those of a right-of-center nation and are totally out of sync with the beliefs of North Dakotans. They should never be allowed to represent our majority.

One area in which the conservative majority could agree with liberals is that in competitive sports (free markets) the games require referees. But when did you last attend a game where the officials (government employees) were beginning to equal the number of players? And when did you attend a game where the officials (nationalized enterprises) got to participate in the play? And when did you attend a game where the officials (bureaucrats) got to make up the rules as the game went along?

The answer is never. That is why North Dakotans nearly always prefer conservative candidates, and that is why Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., needs to go. An exception would be if you are a Democratic socialist and agree with the agenda of “left coast” Nancy Pelosi. I do not encounter many neighbors or co-workers who are or do where I live and work – North Dakota.