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Kate Oliver, Published October 19 2010

Now is the time to retire Peterson

Rep. Collin Peterson’s, D-Minn., billboard slogan reads: “Common sense, now more than ever,” but does his voting record reflect it? Is it common sense to vote for cap and trade, a bill that taxes energy, the lifeblood of production and job creation and dramatically raises the price of energy for every family? Is it common sense to vote to spend billions and billions of dollars on a stimulus package, saddling future generations with insurmountable debt? Is it common sense not to let voters know what their taxes will be in 2011 when the current tax rates expire? Is it common sense to vote over 90 percent of the time with Nancy Pelosi?

Peterson’s common sense, now more than ever, does not reflect the views and wishes of the people in Minnesota District 7.

This November we have the opportunity to elect Lee Byberg, a leader with real common sense. Byberg has proved in private industry that he knows what it takes to create jobs. He knows that Americans are capable of great things and that government is not the solution to every problem. On Nov. 2, vote Byberg for Congress.