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Greg Danz, Published October 17 2010

Editorial unfair to former mayor

The Forum editorial (Tuesday, Oct. 12) impugning Jon Lindgren’s integrity and credibility seemed to be over the top and heavyhanded. I have great respect for former Mayor Lindgren because he is willing to speak up, work for what he believes in and, yes, even change his mind.

Most Fargo residents were devastated by the floods of 2009 and searching for solutions and answers; our immediate reaction was to rally behind the mayor(s)’ sales tax plan to raise money for solutions. A year and a half later, plans for a diversion have raised many questions and problems that still need answers.

An additional sales tax raises new concerns. Will a 7.5 percent sales tax have a negative impact on Fargo’s economy? What will the money be used for if a diversion is not built? These are just a few of my concerns. We can always levy additional sales tax when we have more answers about the diversion, its cost and other alternatives.

There is nothing wrong with changing one’s mind. We would all do well to think about and debate issues more. Progress and positive change are often the result of informed citizens being willing to change their minds.