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Dudley C. Wells, Published October 17 2010

They’re wolves in sheep’s duds

I wholly agree with Lloyd Omdahl’s column (Oct. 11) about Christian love sorely missing among conservative politicians.

Months ago, Public Radio aired a tape recording of Sarah Palin urging kids in a Wasilla, Alaska, Sunday school class to accept the war in Iraq as part of the will of God. I believe the war was not at all the actions of servants of a loving, merciful Father, but the willful cunning of men in the thrall of power, wealth and military might.

In fact, that preemptive war by the Bush-Cheney administration is the most destructive governmental intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans in 35 years.

And the recent financial collapse, coal mining deaths and the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill cry out more than ever for strong, effective government regulations.

Pious-sounding right wingers, now with even more billions to purchase political attack ads, will no doubt obscure issues, confuse voters, “swift boat” opposing candidates and grab back some of the power they lost in the 2008 election. But Christ would know these people for what they really are – wolves in sheep’s clothing, who serve only their own ambitions.