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Published October 17 2010

It’s a fallacious appeal to emotion

In response to the Oct. 8 letter by Erica Rux, I would also like to comment concerning the upcoming Moorhead School District levy vote.

The “no” vote last year resulted in an avalanche of “shame” letters to the editor using the “baby argument” as evidence for the moral failure of the “no” voters. That vote came on the heels of a teachers union holdout (in the midst of our nation’s economic collapse) for salary increases, which in the end had to go to arbitration.

We were asked to dig deep into pockets of already strapped local residents to give pay raises to those who were already well compensated. I did not hear any outcry of shame at that time.

It is no different this time around. The $64 million referendum fiasco is still fresh in our memories as well, especially as we see the bills for added busing and efficiency goals not met.

One always becomes a pariah when they vote against “the children.” I suggest we are not doing any such thing; we are just looking at the facts without the fallacious appeal to emotion. I am for a levy, just not one as top heavy as this one, especially in the context of the numerous other increases we face, such as flood assessments.

It has been proved that just providing extra money to fix our schools does not always work. The national narrative is following this closely. So should we in Independent School District 152.