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Vonda Markestad, Published October 16 2010

Congressman earns a pink slip because of his health care vote

Webster’s Dictionary defines a representative as “one that stands or acts for another especially through a delegated authority.”

North Dakota’s lone representative should act on behalf of the entire population of our state. Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., has not done that and needs to receive a pink slip on Nov. 2.

I am not alone in feeling that Pomeroy has turned his back on North Dakota. When I called Pomeroy’s office over and over to express my opposition to the disastrous health care bill, his voice mail was always full, so no message could be left. How convenient! Evidently he did not want input from his constituents. E-mail messages to Pomeroy were not acknowledged. And where was he when Congress recessed? He held no public town hall meetings. He takes the position of “Father Pomeroy Knows Best.”

Pomeroy and all of the congressional Democrats have gone over a cliff like lemmings led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The health care bill was shoved down our throats when the majority of North Dakotans were trying to tell Congress to work on smaller, more focused legislation. But, no, a monstrosity was created and passed with Pomeroy’s vote. The deficit has gone through the roof with the passage of the stimulus bill, and Pomeroy was all for it.

The most shameless inaction of the House of Representatives was to leave Washington without a budget in place for the next fiscal year. When you don’t even have the backbone to complete the job you were elected to do, it is time to hire someone else for the job.

Pomeroy has, in effect, given San Francisco voters a second representative in Washington, and North Dakota has none. Come Nov. 2, Pomeroy will be done hiding behind Pelosi’s skirt.

North Dakota voters will finally have a representative in Washington when we send a man who will listen to us, do the work and have the backbone to communicate his actions to the voters at home. That man is Rick Berg.