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Denis Timm, Published October 03 2010

Gov. Hoeven ducked the questions at debate

It was so predictable to hear the debate between Gov. John Hoeven and state Sen. Tracy Potter. The governor enumerated all the required Republican talking points he had studied. The only problem is, he never answered any of the questions.

When asked what specifically he would cut in order to rein in spending, he went on and on about big government spending and then, at the very end, quickly said something about government agencies. Would that include the same Environmental Protection Agency that has come to the aid of many western North Dakota residents because of polluted water and land due to oil drilling? Hoeven kept mentioning jobs and surplus, except that he didn’t create the Bakken reserve. North Dakota is enjoying prosperity because of Mother Nature, not John Hoeven!

He also showed his ignorance when the subject of the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” issue was brought up. He talked about the military and what they do to sacrifice for the citizens of this great country. Guess what? That includes gay military, too! Don’t they deserve to be treated with respect and not have to serve under the risk of expulsion because they may be gay?

Potter is new, fresh and knows how to navigate and debate with a group of people. He is currently a state senator. Hoeven is top dog here – he doesn’t share his power with anyone. It doesn’t make for senatorial type experience.

Oh, and one more thing: Potter has the decency to address the governor as “Gov. Hoeven.” The least the governor could do would be to address him with as much respect. Isn’t that the North Dakota way?