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K.L. Jacobson, Published October 03 2010

Negativity, contempt and hatred

As we get closer to Election Day, it is no secret that many Democrats are so fearful of what could happen on Nov. 2 that they are choosing to play defense and limit the bleeding. Unfortunately, with this conservative approach, Democrats are also losing the opportunity to set the record straight on how our country’s middle class has been destroyed at the hands of the few, the greedy and the very powerful.

I can no longer be silent and watch the latest incarnation of the Republican Party, which was soundly defeated and rejected just 22 months ago, attempt to manufacture a message built around negativity, contempt and hatred of duly elected officials in the name of short-term political gain. These purveyors of rotten fruit would like nothing more than to watch the number of disaffected Americans grow because that is a clear indication that their “supply side” economic policies, implemented during the past 30 years, are indeed flourishing.

George W. Bush will go down as the least popular president since Richard Nixon, and for good reason: He squandered a budget surplus, mismanaged two wars and presided over not one but two recessions. The truth of the matter is Bush was effective at accomplishing something that even conservative icon Ronald Reagan could not, and that is to put the economy into such a state of disrepair that subsequent stimulus bills would have little to no effect on high unemployment.

Now, we must face the fact that our capability to produce goods and grow our way out of deep economic trouble has been outsourced in exchange for tidy corporate balance sheets and cheap labor.

Understandably, people are angry and dismayed at their government and institutions, as many GOP strategists seem all too eager to capitalize on this toxic environment. In my opinion, it is a matter of time before the sincere members of the tea party figure out their movement is being manipulated and funded by big oil companies and the insurance industry, along with a litany of special-interest groups whose sole purpose is to eliminate competition from small and independent businesses.

More importantly for these plutocrats, the coming election represents their best chance to once and for all wipe out what remains of the middle class, a segment of America that the elite have always held in disdain as stealing their wealth and undeservedly sharing their profits.

For those of us concerned about continuing the American way of life, there are ample reasons to be motivated and get out and vote for the right candidates this November.