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Ed Green, Published October 02 2010

How about living within means?

One hundred thirty thousand dollars to study how to change the one-ways into 2+1, plus parking, but only one side so we can have more bike lanes? What a waste. Nothing against bikes, but we don’t need special bike lanes. The new bike lanes on Ninth Avenue South rarely see any bike traffic, and I know this as I travel that road almost daily.

I don’t know who’s dreaming up this notion of bike lanes, but they obviously have a screw loose. Fargo wasted $100,000 of the taxpayers’ money to restripe six miles of roads with bike lanes, and hardly anybody uses them. Now we’re going to waste some more money for even more useless and embarrassing bike lanes. It just makes us look like a bunch of pansies.

Here’s a better idea: stop thinking of ways to spend our money, and live within your means. Remember, all you pension-rich, high salaried, government employees out there, you’re supposed to be working for us, not against us!