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Jim Ebsen, Published October 02 2010

Send Pomeroy to retirement kennel

Recently, Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., has been attempting to repair his image through a series of disparaging television advertisements condemning state Rep. Rick Berg, R-Fargo, for any number of issues, ranging from drilling for oil in Theodore Roosevelt National Park to destroying Social Security through privatization.

Pomeroy appears in those spots in jeans and a flannel shirt, suggesting that he is rural, even John Waynesque as he delivers his bogus message from a gravel road.

His attack campaign is baseless because Berg has never had the opportunity to legislate that for which Pomeroy is attacking him. Pomeroy is the one holding national office, not Berg. Let me tell you, I knew John Wayne, and Pomeroy is no John Wayne.

What the Pomeroy campaign hopes for is simple. They are hoping that the people of North Dakota have forgotten that Pomeroy’s vote, and his vote alone, enabled passage of the debacle now referred to as the National Health Reform Act, an act that if left unchecked could bring this nation to its knees.

The people of North Dakota, or I should say 67 percent of them, had pleaded with Pomeroy to do everything in his power to keep the act from passing. However, Pomeroy didn’t see it that way – his allegiance isn’t to North Dakota, it’s to his mother superior, Nancy Pelosi. Pomeroy, as stated in many circles, is Pelosi’s trained lap dog, and when Pelosi snaps her fingers, the woofing lap-dog representative from North Dakota heels.

I plead with the people of North Dakota to send Pomeroy to the retirement kennel in November.