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Curtis Stofferahn, Published September 12 2010

Attacks on Corey Mock are far from the truth

It appears that aspiring fiction writers have found a place to publish their stories on The Forum’s Opinion page, e.g., Fred LaVenuta (“Mock’s campaign is despicable,” Aug. 25) The letter attacking state Rep. Corey Mock, candidate for secretary of state, had to be fiction because it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The bulk of this letter talks about a national political organization known as the Secretary of State Project, an organization that supports races in other states. Short of criticizing this organization while citing a right-wing blog, the author fails to mention that Mock has not received money from this organization, nor is he listed as a candidate within their campaign. Not only are these bold accusations false but intentionally destructive in a deceptive way.

There are two candidates in this campaign. One has issued three news releases in four years, lost the paperwork of a statewide candidate, caused six- to eight-week registration delays for our small businesses, and has outsourced nearly all of our election process to an out-of-state, bankrupt company. The other candidate is Mock, a state legislator who has supported independent government commissions and advocates for fairness in our leadership.

It is time that North Dakota elects a secretary of state who will bring our government into the 21st century, work with small businesses to help them succeed, and be an advocate for better government.

It is time we elect Mock to be our secretary of state.