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James Anderson, Published September 11 2010

Nurses not for Pomeroy

Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D., recently stated that “nurses work on the front lines of our health care system.” He said: “I am honored to have their support in this campaign.” Pomeroy makes this broad assumption based upon the endorsement of the North Dakota Nurses Association and the American Nurses Association.

“Earl Pomeroy has long been a strong supporter of nursing, and that’s why the NDNA/ANA are endorsing his re-election campaign today,” said Wanda Rose, president of the NDNA.

As a registered nurse, I just want to clarify that Rose does not speak for the majority of nurses in North Dakota, and many do not consider what Pomeroy has done as support for nursing.

The NDNA represents less than 5 percent of the nurses in the state. The majority of its small membership is composed of activists, educators and administrators. They have little to no participation with any kind of patient care. They are out of touch with real nurses and real health care. The NDNA pursues a 1960s-era social justice agenda. NDNA is not bipartisan. They wouldn’t give their endorsement to a fellow NDNA member and registered nurse seeking election for the state House because he’s a Republican.

Rose earlier this year had the nerve to state that nurses in North Dakota had become apathetic to nursing because of their lack of support for NDNA. Tell that to the countless nurses in North Dakota who have saved lives, comforted the sick, and made a difference. She owes the nurses of this state an apology.

Many nurses are members of professional nursing organizations other than NDNA because NDNA doesn’t do anything for North Dakota nurses and advocates an extreme liberal agenda.

I believe the emotion many nurses in this state are feeling is not apathy but disgust. Disgust for representatives like Pomeroy for conducting social experiments with the best health care system in the world. Disgust for government bureaucrats who create more red tape that impairs our ability to provide quality care. Disgust for the Democratic Party for the partisan manner in which they passed the health care bill. Disgust that Pomeroy didn’t even have the guts to come home and discuss the health care bill in a public forum.

I believe that Pomeroy will experience the brunt of that disgust from nurses at the voting booth this November.

Anderson is a registered nurse.